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Monday, October 26, 2009

Population And India

Population is soon becoming a threat to human life and to the resources and its high time India took some strong measures to tackle it. When I say India , I mean every citizen. It if a problem which each individual has to deal with and not just the country's government. Apart from the issue of population explosion , one gets to see articles on poor parenting every other days in the newspapers. I have no clue why people have children without even knowing if they are capable enough to provide them with the social, emotional and financial suppport. Family pressure turns out to the most common reason for deciding to have children in the educated lot. In the iliterate , poor and homeless, it could be anything from rape to greed to have have children to send them to work .


  1. I am wondering what's your initiative from your side as an example for others.


  2. well... we are happy to say that we have done our part in not adding to India's exploding population crisis. Our daughter is an American citizen ;). Nammale kondu athre okke alle cheyyan pattu :)

  3. Doly, that's indeed a good initiative! LOL :))