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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why are men scared of diapers ?

Recently , a relative of mine - a family of four with 2 adults and 2 kids (one kid just 6 months)- visited us and were staying with us for a few days.The wife seemed to be predominantly taking care of the kids and all other work inclusive of ironing shirt for the husband in the morning.One evening , the wife went out to buy some groceries leaving the 6 month old baby with his father and it was time for a diaper change and there he didn't waste any time to call me to change the diaper and for a poop clean-up. You can imagine my surprise ..well..honestly i wasn't surprised..I was shocked.!!I was shocked because my dad or my husband or my cousin brothers who were staying at my home at that time din't hesitate to clean up this infant when he needed a change.I genuinely hadn't imagined that an 'educated' man of today's generation could be so narrow to be doing this to his own son..I spoke to his wife and few other female friends about it and they seemed to be perfectly fine with it.One told me that' 98% of the men are like that .I don't expect anything better.'Another told me that whether to take care of one's kid of not is a personal choice for a man that cannot be questioned..Wait a sec..!! Hello..Am I dreaming here?

Well, my take is this - a man who is reluctance to clean up his own baby has lost all rights to be called a father.I have never been able to understand why wives of such men put up with such crap. By putting up with such crap, their sons grow up to be their fathers. 


  1. Honestly I'm surprised... but you know what I'm sure the same dude would happily change diapers and more if he goes to US- somehow America has the effect on indians, not sure why :D

  2. well I know a lot of ppl who fall under this category primarily the father of my child. In all the 2.5yrs that my little guy was in diapers my dear husband changed him once...and that too because there was absolutly no one around to do it and the smell got to him.
    BTW...I think I might know this guy that you ar talking about...:P - LG

  3. As Janu said , at least I have seen Indian fathers doing this pretty much everywhere outside India. Need to understand why the same people are not ready to do this in India :P

  4. Interesting issue. It is the individual's call to decide what particular action to take on it.

    In this regard, I suggest the movie 'Agnisakshi'. It is available in youtube.

    To diffuse ambiguity: The malayalam one, 1998, starring Rajat Kapoor and Sobhana.

  5. Anonymous Coward,

    Could you please explain why you suggested the movie and its relevance. I have seen a lot of people who watched this movie end up crying .So I don't want to take the risk of watching the entire movie.

  6. Oh, I did not know that Agnisakshi made people cry. Maybe I am too numb and uncaring. But it was memorable for me. Although the ending is not happy, it is not a made-up tragedy; it is taken out of real life and is in context of our discussion on real life.

    It is about the same problem many generations ago: A woman is stuck in a very oppressive situation. The tragedy in the breakup(if that is the correct word) is that the husband and wife love each other. I mentioned the movie to point out such unfortunate side-effects in one's personal life of a rebellion(if that is the correct word) against social fallacies.