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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brinjal recipe

Today I got a chance to try out a brinjal dish.I am jotting it down for my future reference:

Take small brinjals . Slice it longitudinally. Take 1/3rd amount of tomatoes and slice longitudinally. Take 1/4th amount of capsicum slice them as thin rounds. Heat a pan in medium heat. Add two spoons of live oil. After few seconds, add one spoon of ginger-garlic pasted.Add the sliced capsicums into it and let it cook for 2 min. Add sliced brinjals with one diced green chilli. Add few drops of wine vinegar and freshly grinded coarse black pepper powder . Add half soon of coriander and 1/4 spoon of red chilli powder.Mix it well.Keep the pan closed. Let it cook for 5 min in low heat. Add the tomatoes and salt to taste. Let it heat for another 7 min with lid .

Ready to be served..!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some recipes

Today I was fortunate enough to have been able to try out some recipes. I don't quite know to which culture they belong to but I though I might as well pen it down 'coz I might forget.But the dishes came out kinda well:)


Chop tomatoes -1 medium-sized capsicum 1/2,carrot-1,cabbage-small piece in small proportions.
Chop two garlics real small.Put all the vegetables in a bowl and add salt to season and drain(or drink) extra water.
Add vinegar,extra virgin olive oil, oregano to the bowl and mix well with some lemon juice.

Salad is ready to be served !

Grilled fish:

Chop half capsicum,1 green chilli and 6 garlic cloves into very small pieces.Add a pinch of turmeric,salt and chilli powder.Add few drops of wine vinegar.Take a microwave container.Put pieces of fish with extra virgin olive oil applied lightly on both sides.Roll it in the above mixture and put it in the container. Add a handful of peas,sweet corn, pieces of carrot and some cabbage on top of this.Add a spoon of olive oil as topping.Microwave for 5 minutes and mix it a little.Grill for another 7 minutes. Ready to server

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Everyday is a new war

Everyday is a new war,
A war in armoured disguises,
Here amour lights the lamps of eyes,
Abhorrence those of despises,
In here poses fear a brazen battle,
A land to callous carnage,
In here kins close to pride and pain,
Dig burrows to poignant passage.

Ever man fights a new war,
A war against secret tears,
When he speaks through eyes,
And sings from heart , the song that no one hears.
a battle of the brave,a battle so naive,
A battle for a man's share,
Of love and life, peace and price,
That shall he carry till his grave !

Originally Written on 5th Mar 2005

Like the salt tang of the sea air,
Like the untouched wine in a virgin's hair,
Like the puerile wink in a lover's glare,
Like the honey spilt in a mother's care.

Like the tears of rainbow from a cloggy cloud,
Like the earthen smell of a wet earthen bowl,
Like a smile balked when your brows frown,
Like a dream dead with an early dawn.

Like those dreamy eyes that makes me sing,
Like the gelid love that makes me sink,
Like the elegant moon that shines all night,
And leaves at morn drowned in pride.

The Abandoned Room

In the abandoned room of my quaint home,
Sits with aplomb , the reticent ascetic,
With cobwebs dwelling around like tangled hopes,
And dishevelled disguises ,remnants of faces worn,
He ambles inside brooding and way worn,
He ambles inside agile ,affable and awesome.

I clear the debacle,clean up the vases,
And adorn it with flowers,
I open the windows, unlock the locks,
Let the sunshine sprawl on the floor.

He smiles,I smile back;We greet each other,
He looks at my rags and stitches a new dress,
And glares at my unkempt hair and makes it into a bun,
He touches my wounded self and alleviates the pain.

i look into those alluring eyes and breathe in bliss,
I skulk in the corner agog,
And watch him sing;
Like the rains in the wood,
He looked like a man in manhood.

It is dawn and I open my eyes,
The windows and open,the locks unlocked,
I probe and hear the depth in his voice,
I breath and envy the freshness in his smell,
I bear with tearful eyes the pilfered spell,
Of the stranger who came and left.
I am bruised by the spears of those insidious dark eyes,
Sunken by the spell of the gallant drunken smile,
Drenched in the aura of the abyss in the voice,
While smitten by the shot of the silent brooding pride.

He, adept a soul,watching me,smeared in my dreams,
Disguised in the pretence of despise,
Woven and worn for me to believe,
Copious with the silence of thunders,
Mocking at my obscure addled heart,
Sneering at my life to expirate me apart.