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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Take One's Boss to the Conference Room

Take one's Boss to the Conf. Room-This is a brand new phrase coined by a friend of mine and I. Any wild guesses ?It's pretty easy to guess.It is built on top of the deep sentiments like frustration linked to a common working class man/women. This phrase is linked to something which every working class member would have contemplated on doing and might have done in private to a virtual body numerous times.In short this is what it means with context.

You are deeply frustrated by your work and of course your ever domineering Boss. You are tired of exploiting different aspects of yours-everything from patience , tolerance , even sycophancy . You have had enough and you have decided to put down your papers and its your last day at office. You have received your "Good Conduct Certificate" and other related docs for exit. Now you have just enough time to say goodbye. So you walk upto tour ex-boss and ask him-Can we talk ? You both walk into a nearby conference room . In there you pour out every single curse you have ever wanted to tell him and walk out of the room a very satisfied man !!

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