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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Chariots of the Gods is the name of a book, I was fortunate enough to read recently.The book ,first published in 1970 ,was written by a man whose name I don't remember (maybe because I am a software Engineer ;-)).The book talks about really weird things , which I had never thought of before. For eg. it talks about the possibility of the war in Mahabharata ending in a nuclear explosion ,which might have destroyed almost the entire mankind.This made me google more on this topic and I found that a man named 'David Davenport ' has been into 12years of research to prove this.

Apparently the prehistoric and ancient civilizations like the Indus Valley and Egyptians even knew the technology to to create flying objects ,which they called 'vimana'.Hindu scriptures provide specific technical details on its construction and usage .

The author then goes on to say that mummification process came into existence because the Egyptians were informed by the Gods(or the Space Travelers) that years later the mummified bodies could be brought back to life.This , he equates to the technology that would in near future would be used to freeze astronauts so that they can be sent to distant planets like Mars.

Our author also goes to the extend of saying that homo sapiens came into existence by mating between ape like creatures on earth and space travelers. Bravo!!

I am currently half through the book named 'The Bermuda Triangle' and one of the apparent potential causes for the disappearance of hundreds of aircraft and ships is Space Travelers.Maybe like Calvin , I should put up a broad on the top of my terrace saying-


  1. May I suggest an interesting read :) - "Love in the Times of Cholera" - paints a striking image of the Caribbean.You might find it interesting since u like to travel.