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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bridging Gap..

I clearly remember the day when I was in the second year of college and the boys of my batch were eagerly waiting to pounce upon some of the innocent fresher girls.Couple of my classmates flocked around a NRI girl and engaged her in some embarrassing conversation.The guys wanted to know the brand of sanitary napkin the girl was using..not that they wanted to use it themselves..just a rather immature and sadist way to humiliate someone and exhibit their power and influence.Interestingly the girl was my roomie. The very next day, I met the boy and informed him that I was sure that his younger sister might be using the same brand and that he should consider posing the same query to her. Now, that resulted in a wild debate and all the boys at the Men's hostel in my batch, decided to boycott me . As I entered my classroom at the start my third semester , the whole class had probably decided to stop conversing with me. Overnight, I had become a feminist , who would rather be avoided . Couple of days later , I stood for the class rep election and got 3 out of 60 votes. I, for sure had become infamous.Well, did I ask anything wrong , still remains my question.

Most women spend many days of every month suffering from PMS and subsequently, from terrible stomach cramps ; some suffer from vomiting, weakness , back pain and a range of other symptoms. At the end of all of these , all they get is intentional humiliation just because some literate but uneducated guy , probably brought up in a socially conservative setup but clearly not imparted with the knowledge and primary education that I believe every human being should have , chooses to ask a simple but disrespectful question . This incident clearly shows that most of us (irrespective of men or women)are not raised with knowledge of the opposite sex .They are often not informed about the emotional ,physical and psychological aspects that the other members of the society might be going through.

I strongly feel that the education system should consider including , right from primary school, a subject that caters to imparting social/sexual/civic education to students.It is very important to appreciate and respect men or women the way they are and to be conscious of malignant social customs/practices like dowry , eve teasing , harassment etc.

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  1. I wasnt aware that such an incident happened in college. But I agree with you on the matter. As i understand its a common thing that sadistic, retarded, imbecile, moronic boys use to embarass girls. I had a similar experience myself back in college.


  2. Kudos Divya... wish more were like u. Have faced something similar despite my disgust for it all.

  3. Handling such incidents in an effective manner is often very difficult is what I understand. The easiest option is not to respond at all. But then I guess thats no solution at all!!

  4. I feel as far as our menstruation is concerned we need to play it cool and stop feeling embarrassed about it. Our embarrassment is what feeds such social menaces.I was shocked to find there were girls in our school who were lectured about dos and dont's by their mothers when they reached puberty. Why does our society need to create such a big hue and cry over something that is just a physical change that happens to a woman's body. I am of the opinion every male child also needs to be educated about menses in woman so that later on they dont need to secretly go through dictionary or refer improper sources to find out "stuffs" about women. When guyz lose their curiosity about things they already know they will stop getting eternal pleasure by asking such questions to their female counterparts be it inschool/college/street etc.