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Monday, October 12, 2009

Nobel Prize and India

Out of the 13 Nobel awards given away this year , 11 went to the US. I was reading today's newspaper with a small article on the front page. Adjacent to it there was an article on flood relief initiatives and photographs of homeless people , which forced me to brood on the contrast for a while. The contrast in the articles reflects the struggle India is going through , when developed countries are working on technological advances .A big part of India is still dealing with issues like food , water and accomodation when a smaller part ,which nowdays is most often projected as its facade is discussing about information technology and nuclear warfare.Our country is getting heavier with population by the day. A ride in public transport in any Indian city can help one witness street women carrying new borns and begging on the streets . How does one explain contraception to those who are getting raped as I write this ? How do we explain literacy to those who are hungry ?

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  1. i cant agree more... well u see the country is divided into ever more segments than it was ... there is one part where the hungry scavenge for food and the a part where ppl just chill out at baristas ... there is one part where ppl get things done by influence and shelling out some papers with smiling gandhi and some there is another part where ppl struggle to even make their ends meet ...
    i was watching the movie Mahathma Gandhi and felt that the state of the country is same as it was before ... only difference is that its wearing a make up