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Monday, December 19, 2016

Emotional Sink

I recently watched a movie named 'Dear Zindagi'.  Few of the thoughts discussed in the movie were inspiring. In the movie a psychologist tells his patient about how there is a separate partner to do a separate activity. For eg. a friend for having coffee, a friend for gossips, a friend for shopping. It's unfair to expect the same person (often the person one is in a relationship with) to be the all-in-one person. This is so true. So simple, mostly unimplemented and so true. We live our lives always looking for that one person who can be our everything like a superman or a superwoman and there's no such person . That merely leaves us disappointed - disappointed because we have created an imaginary person who doesn't exist and spend all over lives looking for her/him.

I recently started practicing heartfulness meditation and I realize now after my 34 years of existence that we are the answers to our questions. I pray everyday that my expectations and judgements of others melt away and leave my mind with enough space for better thoughts that can focus on myself; that the atmosphere is the biggest emotional sink one can have- we are all  made of the same matter that stars and other bodies are made of; that happiness is a choice ; that thinking positive is a muscle that has to be exercised so that it functions everyday; that immunity can be increased by merely being happy; that miracles happen and miracles manifest from our beliefs.

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