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Friday, October 14, 2016

Tired of being the bored version of myself

A close friend of mine whatsapped me this morning and asked me to write again. So, this one is for her..the one that reminds you of the moon.

So, what awesome thing did I do today ? I enrolled myself for Zumba classes ! And why would I do that ? Because I am a terrible dancer..I can't move my legs and shake my body to a tune. So I enrolled for Zumba just like I enrolled for Salsa 11 years back, for exactly the same reasons.

I did something even more awesome last week. I got myself a tattoo. It's a series of 5 birds flying from inside to outside. I felt so liberated after doing it. It was a dream come true.

As we go through all the laundry , grocery, food, maid , child and office-work management, we forget about someone very important and that's US. And I forgot about me and I forgot about me for the past 4 years perhaps and now I find a very evolved non-adventurous non-risk-taking bored version of myself . I think it's time to go underwater and say WTF !! (you can try saying that but you just can't ! LOL )

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