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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tour De Nandi Hills

Recently , we had the opportunity to visit nandi hills early in the morning.With the support of lot of alarm clocks ,hand in hand with some strong sense of determination , we woke up at 3a.m and headed towards nandi hills. Contrary to our beliefs , there were many enthusiasts like us who showed as much determination , for nandi hills seemed like it was hosting a fair. We reached by 5 a.m to know that the ticket counter opens only at 6. The entry cost us an outrageous Rs.80. We got in at 6 am only to find that we had nature's call. We rushed to the "toilets" . Getting into the toilet itself was a terrible experience - totally soiled , without any water at all. It was written all over the place that plastic should not be used but there were heaps of plastic glasses thrown out of small shops , everywhere. The whole region was generously littered as though it has not been cleaned for years. There was no one to report to, no complaint registers. We had to rush back home after 30 minutes due to unavailability of toilets.


  1. thats hilarious! but not really.. i think its sad that all ur efforts were wasted. we really need to be more responsible as Indians in following rules.

  2. c thts the prob.. ur followin d txt book appraoch..

    u shud sit down 2 drink all nite.. get smashed.. drive up 2 d airport @ 3..get some coffee at coffee day n then drive up nandi when its all dark.. n then when u see d sunrise.. oh boy !! its an experience.. n to top it.. its was drizzlin when v went !