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Monday, October 20, 2014

Post Partum Hypthyroidism

Child Birth (at least in my mind) had always been associated with the beautiful ,gentle mothers and serenely sleeping babies (who never cry) in the Johnson's baby ad but now I know that's far from the truth.For a working mother , it's mostly about how to make all ends meet.- there's the new person you have brought into this world, your career that needs attention , the daily mundane domestic chores and you. And when you run that complicated scheduling algorithm which you have designed for yourself over and over again and pick up the top 3 priorities for the day, what you safely choose to un-choose  from the list is you (day after day after day), because you think that you can give that time and attention for yourself later on; that that "you" can wait..and that's what I did. I denied myself sleep , entertainment , health check-ups , hobbies and probably many other things in an effort to make the other ends meet.. and then what happened ? - All the other ends broke loose because I failed to realize that "I" am the pillar on top of which other ends bind.

Last few months have been a struggle starting from the never ending allergy colds (for which I started homeo medication). Soon back pain started and everyone blamed it on the lack of exercise. So I started exercise and was feeling too tired and giddy (not to mention the muscle cramps , severe PMS, period pains and heavy flows). Hair fall soon followed. Doctors asked me to take Iron supplements, which I started.Then there was the difficult-to-subside mouth ulcers and brittle nails and someone said it could be a vit deficiency but couldn't really figure out which one . Soon irritation and general anxiety creeped in and doctors asked me to sleep more. Sleeping more never got rid of my tiredness . And then soon there was problems with taste, appetite , lack of focus, not been able to enjoy things like watching TV, traveling or anything for that matter. People told me that it could be symptoms of stress and others said that it was just something inside my head . Often I had to read articles and programs over and over again to comprehend it .I started pushing myself to keep myself more engaged and happy but that didn't work either.It felt like life was falling apart and I would never be able to make any ends meet again.

Then, a doctor asked me to take the Thyroid test (yeah, all of us take it during pregnancy and soon after but never for a long time after that) and boom I get to know that I have been suffering from Post Partum Hypthyroidism (my son is 2.5 years) for a while and all the above are merely symptoms of it. Who could have ever imagined that one gland could create so much of havoc in just everything about you-physical & psychological ? I read many articles about how people go through these symptoms and live miserably for years before they get their thyroids checked.

So , all the gals (guys) there, if you get similar symptoms , don't live your life thinking its an attitude-problem . Go and get yourself checked !!

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  1. Good that you finally got to the root of the problems. My son is 2.5 yrs too. May I shud take a leaf from your book and get myself checked. Actually been wanting to for a while now.