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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Abandoned Room

In the abandoned room of my quaint home,
Sits with aplomb , the reticent ascetic,
With cobwebs dwelling around like tangled hopes,
And dishevelled disguises ,remnants of faces worn,
He ambles inside brooding and way worn,
He ambles inside agile ,affable and awesome.

I clear the debacle,clean up the vases,
And adorn it with flowers,
I open the windows, unlock the locks,
Let the sunshine sprawl on the floor.

He smiles,I smile back;We greet each other,
He looks at my rags and stitches a new dress,
And glares at my unkempt hair and makes it into a bun,
He touches my wounded self and alleviates the pain.

i look into those alluring eyes and breathe in bliss,
I skulk in the corner agog,
And watch him sing;
Like the rains in the wood,
He looked like a man in manhood.

It is dawn and I open my eyes,
The windows and open,the locks unlocked,
I probe and hear the depth in his voice,
I breath and envy the freshness in his smell,
I bear with tearful eyes the pilfered spell,
Of the stranger who came and left.

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