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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some recipes

Today I was fortunate enough to have been able to try out some recipes. I don't quite know to which culture they belong to but I though I might as well pen it down 'coz I might forget.But the dishes came out kinda well:)


Chop tomatoes -1 medium-sized capsicum 1/2,carrot-1,cabbage-small piece in small proportions.
Chop two garlics real small.Put all the vegetables in a bowl and add salt to season and drain(or drink) extra water.
Add vinegar,extra virgin olive oil, oregano to the bowl and mix well with some lemon juice.

Salad is ready to be served !

Grilled fish:

Chop half capsicum,1 green chilli and 6 garlic cloves into very small pieces.Add a pinch of turmeric,salt and chilli powder.Add few drops of wine vinegar.Take a microwave container.Put pieces of fish with extra virgin olive oil applied lightly on both sides.Roll it in the above mixture and put it in the container. Add a handful of peas,sweet corn, pieces of carrot and some cabbage on top of this.Add a spoon of olive oil as topping.Microwave for 5 minutes and mix it a little.Grill for another 7 minutes. Ready to server


  1. divya its not server its serve !--sumeet

  2. Sumeet, just seeing your comment.. Guess i was thinking of IBM Server endpoints !!!! hahaha LOL